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Next Iron Chef – Aaron Sanchez Eliminated…

NEW YORK, October 29, 2007 On Sunday, October 28, Aaron Sanchez (executive chef and owner, Centrico and Paladar, New York) was the fifth chef to be eliminated from the The Next Iron Chef Food Network’s new reality series that will award one chef the world’s most coveted culinary title: Iron Chef.

Hosted by Alton Brown (Good Eats, Iron Chef America), the sizzling primetime series airs Sundays at 9pm ET/PT.

Who will reign supreme?

Will it be San Francisco’s Chris Cosentino, Cleveland’s own Michael Symon or boy-of-the-bayou John Besh?

Tune in this Sunday, November 4th, as the remaining three chefs continue the overseas portion of the competition, flying to Paris for the next challenge. They meet up with host Alton Brown who explains the Chairman’s next test: Lead & Inspire. The chefs must become the ultimate Americans in Paris as they are charged with each creating a meal for a party thrown by the U.S. Ambassador to France, Craig Stapleton. With guests that include foreign dignitaries, French celebrities and Parisian friends, the chefs must create dishes that explain America through their meals.

Complicating matters, the chefs must each lead a team of French sous chefs and overcome language barriers to produce these amazing meals. Afterwards, the judges eliminate one chef with only two remaining to see who will be the next Iron Chef.
The Next Iron Chef takes the contestants from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY to Europe Рwith the help of international airline Lufthansa Рto compete in the food fight of their professional lives. Over the course of the show, the judges РMichael Ruhlman (James Beard Foundation Award-winning author, cookbook author and food writer), Andrew Knowlton (Restaurant Editor of Bon App̩tit magazine) and Donatella Arpaia (restaurateur and owner of acclaimed New York City restaurants davidburke&donatella and Anthos) Рask the chefs to demonstrate a wide variety of skills to see who will become the last chef standing.

Comments please, about last night’s show?

  1. Interesting concept although it has already been done ala Top Chef…there is much discussion on the Internet as to which one really came first.
    One of the points made was how the seasoning is affected by the altitude. So the chefs seasoned that way and then the judges ate the food on the ground. Who kows? Although they did have the “guru” of Luftansa Airlines as a judge so no doubt that was taken into consideration.
    Aaron Sanchez is by all reports (some from hhis competitors, mind you) is a great young chef. He has had trouble with timing in the other competitions. But I think they made the right choice. Cosentino is probably the next to get the ax. He’s great too, but might not have the temperment to be an Iron Chef.
    my money is on Michael Symon. He has a strong TV presence, is a fab chef (even in CLeveland) and is highly-respected by his peers.
    Plus he has a great attitude and truly seems to love to cook.
    It’s odd though because he is one of the featured chefs in Michael Ruhlman’s “Chef…” series.
    Word is Ruhlman – who I have a serious crush on – knows all the other chefs pretty well, also.
    there is alot of negative talk about Knowlton though. People think he is being nasty and overly picky.


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