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Flavored Water: Ripoff or Godsend? You Be the Judge

Recently someone sent a press release to encourage me to write about flavored water. Personally, I find the concept disgusting.

I think it’s a ripoff. Look at bottled water: Look at how much bottled water costs and what a billion dollar industry it has become. All most of it is — glorified and purified tap water in a bottle that has been falsely promoted as clean water cascading down some rocks. Aquafina and Desani owned by Pepsi and Coke Cola are the two biggest offenders.

Now the water industry is pushing flavored water. If we thought water was a fiasco, flavored is even a bigger fiasco.

Don’t think for a minute that they squeeze a fresh orange into the water. Nope, that is not the case. That’s something you could do with relative ease. Here’s a PUR product cartridge that attaches to your existing PUR filter to provide drops of flavoring to the water.

Again, don’t delude yourself into thinking that this is freshly squeezed orange juice.

This product claims to have no sugar, no calories, and no dyes.

Ingredients: What it does have is water, propylene glycol (used as a base for deodorants), citrus acid, sodium citrate, malic acid, acesulfame K, sucralose (a form of sugar known as Splenda; 600 times sweeter than sugar), sodium chloride, benzoic acid, and sorbic acid. The last two claim to be preservatives. Oh, yes, there are three separate flavors — raspberry, peach, and strawberry and each has raspberry flavor, peach flavor, and strawberry flavor about halfway through the list.

Stop wasting your money on flavored water! Tell your friends about the flavored water ripoff. Shop smartly.

  1. Ugh! Water should be just that water. Nothing tastes better than a cold, crisp glass of water! Begone all you flavors! Scat1 Shoo!

  2. Our tap water at home is safe and tastes good so I have no need to drink bottled water. But I do drink canned sparkling water.

    About a year ago, I gave up carbonated Diet Pepsi – cold turkey after 45 years. It just didn’t taste good to me anymore and it started giving me headaches.

    In its place, I drink generic sparkling water in a can from Kroger’s. It turns out that it is the carbonation that I really enjoy.

  3. Propalene Glycol is a derivitive of gasolene?

    It doesn’t matter where a chemical comes from because a chemical regardless of the source is still that chemical.

    For example if I were able to derive Calcium from another poisonous substance, this Calcium would not be poisonous.

    Pointing out that Propalene Glycol is derived from gasolene production has less to do with science and the drinkability of water and more to do with retorical language. Retorical language is the use of grammatical technique to make a person believe as you do: associating Propylene Glycol with that detested gasolene!
    The truth is that Propylene Glycol is a derivitive of glycerine (that’s right the artificial sweetener) which is a byproduct of biodiesal; but it can also be synthesised from purified sugar. Should I stop using sugar because it can turn into glycerine? Glycerine is also found as the backbone of your body’s fat molecules (also known as triglycerides) and though the processes hasn’t been created you can probably synthesis propylene glycol from fat too. So why do we use gas? Because its cheaper.
    That said propylene glycol is used in deodorant because it can absorb water into its molecular substance (adsorbtion-which means it can collect water without feeling too wet) this is great for deodorants and for ice cream which tends to form chrystals (yuk) in the presence of too much water at higher temps than freezing.

    Chemicals are our friends, don’t fall for the “Breyer’s Ice Cream, It’s Nature-al,” BS. These chemicals are lovingly added to our foods by people who then go shopping and fill their fridges with these same foods. Chill already.

  4. Flavored water? We already have such drinks there called
    soda’s. The product that is misleading is the Vitamin water products
    I’ts a brand name that claims more nutritional benefits than
    possible. Again your drinking a chemical cocktail of regular
    vitamins. Cocacola bought this company for $ 4 billion to get
    in on this profit. Dasani water comes from local ground water
    sources. Cocacola does not hide that fact. It’s stated right on the bottle!

  5. More on DT’s comments: Propylene glycol is now being dispensed as a prescription laxative- Miralax – (for its water absorption properties). So apparently of won’t hurt you??? I refused to take it as a prescription, and I don’t need it on my water, either…

  6. The point is you’re wasting money on bottled water. You’re basically paying for something you already pay for when you send the check off to the water company.

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