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Inspired Tea Drinkers: Read Tea Leaves Party

Confess. You are ravenously curious about what a tarot card reader has to say. You thrive on overhearing what the psychic told your best friend about her latest beau and wonder what the telltale tea leaves mean at the bottom of your cup every morning.

Now you can create an air of polished mystery as you invite friends over to read their tea leaves. No tea and sympathy for you babe. You’re going to create the best tea party ever, surpassing anything Alice in W-Land ever did. 

You might even ask your friends to dress for the occasion. Consider asking them to wear a piece of jewelry that has a story or memory and have them tell the story prior to reading the tea leaves. This gives you some fodder which might come in handy later.

Choose three good friends who won’t balk when beer is not on the menu. Set a nice table with mood lighting, tablecloth and cloth napkins, use either small earthenware cups or pretty china ones depending on your style; saucers are a must.

Buy some petite cakes or a luscious fruit tart. Be sure to have milk or half-and-half and sugar cubes for those who want to indugle.

The kind of tea you brew is up to you. Be sure to learn some impressive tea facts to impress your guests. 

Spend at least a week studying how to read tea leaves. Practice. Practice. Practice. A few crib notes are fine.

Give each guest a small goodie bag with a sampling of tea leaves and brewing instructions. Enjoy.

  1. I have had my tarot cards read before and it is so exciting to have someone who is really good explain what they mean. “Riches are in your future”. “You will live a long life”. It is like being psychoanalyzed.

    Inside, I really want to believe but the realist in me always wins out. Too bad.

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