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Easy Dinner: Comfort Food with a Twist

Last week I had a birthday party for my greyhound Lily. She was 10 years young. She invited people only and my first thought was to go out and get a pizza and make a salad but because the temperature was dipping, I decided to cook. Living in Arizona, I had not cooked since May.

I had a craving for comfort food with a twist like beef barbecue. At Trader Joes I picked up a small already cooked pot roast. I’ve had it before and all you have to do is microwave it for 2-3 minutes.

This time I shredded it, put it in a pot with chopped onion and garlic that I sauteed. Then I added some Trader Joes all natural BBQ sauce and simmered for 30 minutes. I made this the day before so the flavors would have time to comingle. Everyone thought I slaved for days over this homey taste. This was served on whole grain buns. Poblano pepper hot sauce was passed for people who need more spicy perks.

Also from Trader Joes, but I have seen it other places I bought a bag of broccoli slaw and mixed it with miso-ginger salad dressing (that I bought at Sunflower Market) mixed with sour cream, diced apple, and dried cranberries. I put this togther in the a.m. so it would have time to marinate.

Then I made a relish from a can of corn, can of black beans (both drained), chopped mango, diced green chilis, fresh lime juice and orange juice and orange zest. This is refreshing.

At Trader Joes, I found some packaged sweet potatoes strips which I baked like sweet potatoe fries. Everyone liked this immensely.

Since I’m not eating traditional dessert, I made baked apples stuffed with golden currants and dates and dolloped with mock creme fraiche (sour cream + brown sugar).

All this was washed down with good bottles of red wine.

Lily was in her glory and she was the center of attention and received beautiful gifts and I received a clever colored pencil drawing of her.

Everyone is looking forward to her 11th birthday! 

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