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Food Blog: Got Organic Milk? (doubt it)

A class action lawsuit in 27 states is suing the Boulder, Colorado Aurora Dairy Corporation. The lawsuit says that consumers paid extra for organic milk when they were sold a product that misrepresents organic standards.

It’s outrageous how much regular milk costs these days and for people who expect higher standards and pay extra money for organic — they should get it.

There’s the question of ethics — organic is a promise that should be kept. There is no such thing as the organic police to monitor product every day and every minute of the day.

Organic farming demands stricter standards. Milk comes from cows that are grass fed, not grain fed and shot up with hormones and antibiotics. Part of the problem which is certain not a defense or excuse is that the demand for organic has increased dramatically but perhaps the supply cannot keep up with the demand.

How it was allegedly determined that Aurora’s organic standards were no longer upheld shall be interesting to hear as the story unfolds more.

What do you think?

  1. The definition of “organic” must be different to different people. I read recently that one group was wanting to strip the “organic” labeling from some foods shipped in from overseas because the carbon footprint they used to get it to the US outweighed its benefit to society. I thought this was a rather loose interpretation.

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