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Trick or Treat: Natural Halloween Candy (no artificial ingredients)

This is a new concept but whether or not it will gain in popularity has yet to be decided. People no matter how healthy they eat most of the time still want to give out trick or treat candy like miniature Mounds Bar and Snickers so they can dig into the bowl now and then too. However, if you want your kids to eat less junk — this could be the way to go.

The Natural Candy Store is the first natural, organic, and completely artificial-ingredient-free candy store in the world. The Natural Candy Store introduces healthier trick-or-treat alternatives this Halloween by combining the best-tasting candies and brands available to create six new products:

Natural Candy Mix

Organic Candy Mix

Vegan (and Gluten-Free) Candy Mix

Gourmet Candy Mix

Natural Goody Bag

Gourmet Goody Bag

All mixes contain individually-wrapped candies perfect for Halloween, and are packed in home-compostable cellophane bags.

The Natural Candy Store opened on October 1. It’s the latest venture of the founders of Artisan Sweets which sells gourmet confections and varietal honeys from around the world.

With growing concern about the harmful effects of artificial ingredients on children, parents value being able to find all natural treats made with no artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, or preservatives. Whether for holidays, birthday parties, piñatas, school events, gifts, or an everyday treat, the Natural Candy Store gives candy-lovers of all ages permission to eat candy again.

  1. I gave out magic markers one year. The kids seemed to like it.

    This year I saw that Sam’s Club has miniature packaged Play-Do. A novelty. Who doesn’t like Play-Do! Great idea for a trick-or-treat alternative. When I got mine, I immediately opened it up and smelled it to bring back memories.

  2. We are trying to spread the message about natural, healthier Halloween candy that still tastes GREAT, too. Our favorite is YummyEarth Organic Lollipops, which comes in flavors like Blood Orange Cocktail, Ginger zest, & Chili Mango Mambo. I even know adults who are addicted to them, they’re so yummy!!

    We also are carrying a natural chewing gum made from chicle (the sap of the Sapodilla tree), and some “Make Your Own Natural Candy Kits”- who knew it was so easy and fun to make chewing gum?

    You can check them out at:

    We are really trying to push the idea that natural can be tasty, too!

    Thanks for the helpful blog post!

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