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Lead Lipstick on Your Collar and Your Kidneys

What does lipstick have to do with food? Well, we eat with our mouth and we put lipstick on our mouths. Heck, we’re sassy women and lipstick like toothpaste and chocolate are necessities.

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics has asked the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to investigate the fact that some lipsticks contain dangerous levels of lead.

The trade group representing the cosmetic and fragrance industry doesn’t deny that lead is in some products but does deny that it’s harmful.

Don’t you just love how everyone denies how nothing is ever harmful? Do we really know over the long term what is harmful or not? Long term exposure may result in high blood pressure, kidney damage, and loss of mental functioning.

39 percent of lipsticks tested had no levels of lead. The more expensive brands had more lead. Perhaps the phrase, “Get the lead out” willl have new meaning to the beauty business.

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