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Dietary Supplements Seized

Here comes the U.S. Calvary. Wait, no, it’s the U.S. Marshals who seized approximately $71,000 for dietary supplements from FulLife Natural Options, Inc. of Boca Raton, Fla.
Charantea Ampalaya Capsules and Charantea Ampalaya Tea were labeled as dietary supplements which means next to nothing in the marketing world except by people who actually believe it. (Yes, I’m a skeptic consumer.) 

Dietary supplements don’t usually commandeer law enforcement but when these bottles of so called miracles are being promoted to treat serious conditions such as hypertension, anemia, and diabetes we have a problem.

Following an investigation of the FulLife’s marketing practices, FDA officials advised the company that the claims related to prevention of diseases made these products subject to regulation as drugs. Despite FDA’s warnings, the company failed to bring its marketing into compliance with the law. One has to wonder about their audacity or stupidity.

Two months prior to that and at the request of FDA, U.S. Marshals in another part of Florida seized an estimated $41,000 worth of inventory of Glucobetic, Neuro-betic, Ocu-Comp, Atri-Oxi, Super-Flex, MSM-1000, and Atri-E-400 capsules being promoted and distributed by Charron Nutrition of Tallahassee, Fla., for use in treating diabetes, arthritis, and other serious health conditions.

The morale of the dietary supplements story is:
–Dietary supplements don’t work for weight loss over the long haul.
–Read the labels.
–Dietary supplements never work for treating diabetes, arthritis, and other serious health –conditions.
–To lose weight eat less and exercise more. Stop popping pills.
–There is no silver bullet unless the U.S. Marshalls are carrying a gun and pulling the trigger.
–Products advertised on infomercials are usually a rip off.
–Products advertised in newspapers and magazines that look like articles with before fat and sloppy photos and knockout after photos are presumably a rip off. Have you ever actually met anyone who had success that way?
–Proceed with caution when products have made up names like Glucobetic, Neuro-betic, Ocu-Comp, Atri-Oxi, Atri-E-400
–Charantea Ampalaya if you can’t pronounce it go eat an apple.

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