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Chocolate:Healthier than Tuna Fish Sandwich

Chocolate is healthier than a tuna fish sandwich. That is music to my ears. Who knew?

Here’s a funny article by a funny writer named Judy Gruen making fun at what studies tout one day and change their mind the next. I guess you have to consider who is doing the studies. Of course, the people who make Lipitor or Crestor are going to tell you that diet and exercise don’t lower your cholesterol. They know that Americans are lazy and a pill popping society. And drug companies are huge billion-dollar corporations so they have money dripping off trees to host studies.

Yet, maybe the bing cherry association or the kumquat society don’t have big bucks to show the public how good their products are.

While the article conflicts about this and that, it does agree that a hunk, a hunk, a hunk a chocolate is good for you.

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