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Fine Wine: A Work of Art for First Class Cabernet Sauvignon

Kenwood Vineyards of Sonoma, Calif. not only crafts a wine that is a work of art but puts an artistic label on the bottle.

Since 1975, Kenwood Vineyards’ highly-acclaimed Artist Series Cabernet Sauvignon reigns as a premier marriage of fine art and fine wine. Kenwood’s goal is to combine its best Cabernet Sauvignon with a noteable artist to create an elegant, easily identifiable package, while promoting beautiful artwork at the same time.

Past artists have included Pablo Picasso (now that would be a licensing nightmare), Henry Miller, Alexander Calder, David Lance Goines, and Joan Miro.

The most current bottle for a 2001 Cabernet is Tamara de Lempicka’s Femme Bleue a la Guitare. Some of you may recall there was an interactive play called Tamara that had a long run in Hollywood. Yes, it’s the same Tamara.

By the way, the wine was indeed a work of art.

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