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Food Blog: My So-Called Sugar Addiction Life

I am a sugar-aholic.  There, I’ve said it. I’ve confessed. I love sugar. I love sweets and desserts.

Another confession: So far this year, I’ve gained 10 pounds.

Why? Probably a combination of too much stress and inactivity plus overeating. Food is a big part of my life as it’s a major social activity. I don’t belong to any mountain biking clubs. 

What scared me most is that I didn’tt feel in control of myself or my weight. And I don’t want to gain 10 pounds or more every year.

I was thinking about joining Weight Watchers but the thought of counting points, turns me off. And I really don’t like the group therapy feel to it although weighing in and being accountable is what makes it work.

I have been on WW before and even have a key, like so many other people who are now overweight again. 

Then I was thinking about going on South Beach Diet which I always lose weight on (from my stomach just like the book says) but feel so deprived after the two weeks that I always gain the weight back. 

The first two weeks of South Beach Diet doesn’t work for me because I like fruit. I eat an apple a day, plus a half of banana, and maybe some berries. These are not bad choices but they are not permitted on South Beach during the first two weeks.

So I decided to start by giving up sugar and white flour. Sugar means desserts, muffins, cookies, ice cream, sodas, lemonade, some cereals, jam, and ginger spread. I still allow myself Trader Joe’s frozen lime fruit floes (fruit bars) as they are 60 calories which would be one or two points on WW. Unlike a certain friend who said she eats two at once, I limit myself to one when I have them in my freezer. They have 16 grams of sugar per serving. That might sound like a lot but not when you think that one cup of vanilla non-fat soy milk has 11 grams of sugar.

Sugar is really in everything, even things we don’t think about.

I also decided to give up white flour so no white bread or breads with white flour, pasta, pizza (unless whole wheat).  I love bread.

These are good starting points. After I refrain from sugar and white flour for a few weeks (so far it’s been 6 days), I will add other things.

I have to pat myself on the back as so far this week I have gone out to breakfast, lunch, happy hour, and dinner plus been invited to dinner. I have abstained from pancakes at a pancake breakfast and actually sausage too because it looked too greasy. The glass of OJ gave me a sugar rush.

I’ve shared a hamburger with friends but didn’t eat the bun. Last night I passed on warm crusty bread and ice cream for dessert. This may not sound like much to your eyeballs but to me, I have moved mountains. Food has a starring role in my life so I have to learn how to manage it better. I hope to continue moving mountains this week plus move my legs and hips more and get that heart rate going. Last week I was a physical slug except to walk the dog.

Here’s some interesting thoughts about sugar.

I will be checking in from time to time about my progress. (Note: I said progress not fall from grace.) If you have any words of encouragement, please pass them along.

  1. How’s the diet going? It’s been 5 weeks. I’ve got to get back to exercising. That is the only thing that works for me these days to maintain. It’s tough to lose once you reach 50.

  2. Amino acid deficiencies cause sugar cravings. A company called Obesity Research Promotions LLC sells a product that greatly reduces these cravings. It’s a raw, whole-food supplement called HEMP Protein Powder.

  3. I bought some vanilla hemp protein powder one day and I didn’t like it. The powder made everything “chalky.” Most protein has something wrong with it although if I invest in the product I force myself to finish it because these protein powders are not cheap.

    Hemp seems to be the “in” ingredient.

    Now the hemp ice cream I like…

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