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Chrisman Mill Winery: Southern Hospitality at Its Best


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The midwest doesn’t have the big name wineries like they do in Napa Valley, so I was overjoyed recently to read that an expert recommended going to the “little known” wineries for a sense of adventure and surprise — to experience the “thrill of the hunt”.

That’s exactly what we did when we decided to stop by the Chrisman Mill Winery. They are located in the countryside outside of Lexington Kentucky and we had the best time driving there on the country roads alongside the huge horse farms and charming dry-stacked stone fences that you see everywhere here.

We chose this winery because they served lunch. We arrived in plenty of time but found that you needed reservations so that they could prepare using the freshest of ingredients.

It just so happened, we were talking with the chef who was taking a break outside as we were starting to enter. We expressed our disappointment and started to leave because we were literally famished and couldn’t see ourselves having a pleasant wine tasting experience without some food first.

We were most surprised by his offer to accommodate us with something off the menu and he gave it to us for half price at that because it didn’t include an appetizer.

Talk about a pleasant experience! We enjoyed a nice conversation with the barista (is that what you call the person who pours the wine???) who happened to be from Alaska and was attending nursing school in Kentucky because there was a two-year wait closer to home. She was knowledgable and made our visit quite special.

Before we left, my husband, who has a sweet tooth, ended up buying two bottles of 100% blackberry wine. Thank you, Chrisman Mill, for your hospitality in true Southern style.

  1. CoCo,
    That sounds simply fabulous.

    Southern hospitality that most of the country only dreams about. Personal interaction. Gorgeous scenery. And a wine to please the DH — what more could you ask for?

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