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Just Desserts: Cupcakes as Works of Art

I thought the cupcake trend was over but I guess not as there was just a very humorous article in the New York Times about cupcakes. As an overview, the article talks about how parents are happy not to send candy to school for birthday parties but the war of whether cupcakes can go to school or not are fighting words.

I can see why parents would opt for cupcakes because they are easier to serve than cake and are more festive and individualized than cookies.

The article cleverly goes on to say how a famous cupcakeria in Greenich Village has become the envy of pop culture.

I may have told this story before but since I’m old, I have a short memory and a selective memory.

My friend Mary Jo was always ahead of her time. She was into making cupcakes almost 20 years ago. She got the brilliant and vivid idea to not use the ho hum food coloring that the rest of us used but instead to use commercial food coloring. Her cupcakes were never pastel pink or green but rather lipstick red and emerald green, daisy yellow and indigo purple. Sometimes she created psychaedelic combos like turquoise frosting and matched it with lipstick red cakes. It was wild. Then she would top them with silver candy baubles and candied glitter.

I often felt that her cupcakes would make better accessories for the home rather than treats for the mouth. After eating a lime green cupcake with magenta frosting, your tongue and mouth mirrored those colors.

Hmm, the possibilities were endless.

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