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Food Blog: Free Healthy Popcorn

In response to numerous media reports and legislative discussion about Diacetyl, and its use as an ingredient in some popcorn products, Dale and Thomas Popcorn is proud to remind customers that it provides the freshest, all-natural popcorn possible, and continues to produce Diacetyl-free popcorn in their Dale and Thomas and Popcorn, Indiana product lines.

Diacetyl is an artificial butter flavor used in many popcorn products, including a significant number of microwave popcorn items. There has been a movement in the State of California, specifically legislative bills AB514 and SB456, to ban the use of chemical Diacetyl in production facilities and commercial distribution because workers are contacting popcorn lung, a condition that destroys the lung. 

In addition, the New York Times reported today that the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association issued a statement recommending that its members reduce the amount of Diacetyl in the butter flavorings they make, out of concern for the health and safety of both factory workers and consumers.

Dale and Thomas will offer its friends throughout the country a way to continue to munch on their favorite snack food in a safe and delicious way.  No popcorn lover should be without the fluffy white snack for a movie. That’s why throughout the weekend of September 7th, Dale and Thomas will offer anyone who comes into to one of their 12 Popcorn Centers throughout the country trade in a bag of microwave popcorn for a bag of freshly popped gourmet Dale and Thomas Popcorn® (limit 2 per person). If you don’t live near a Popcorn Center, call 1-800-POPCORN to learn more about how to trade in their popcorn as well

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