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Food Blog: Bye Bye Wonder Bread – The Wonder Years Are Gone

Interstate Bakeries, the maker of Wonder Bread in San Diego, is closing its doors in October because Wonder Bread is not cheap nor is it good for you like whole wheat. Also people’s tastes are changing and they rather eat artisan breads (for the same price).

Our wonder years are long gone and Wonder Bread leaves the shelves in Calif.

To quote Chef Annette: “It’s sad to see it go even if it’s an icon but it doesn’t have enough nutrition to keep a fly alive. Growing up, we never had Wonder Bread at home (My parents were in the restaurant biz and we had the good stuff.) but if we went to a friend’s house and were offered the bologna and American cheese sandwich with French’s mustard on Wonder bread we were in heaven because this is what was advertised on TV and of course we wanted everything that was advertised on TV.”

So if you purchased the new Wonder Bread cookbook, archive that under retro collectibles.

Read the Wonder Bread article in its entirety.

  1. i work at a wonder bread outlet store and are sales have went up because of gas prices that is great for us we are still here

  2. I am very sad to see wonderbread go. It was my favorite of all breads for sandwiches. I grew up with it. I will miss it.
    Port Orchard, Wa.

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