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Contest: Win Take Home Chef Curtis Stone – Takeout Extraordinaire

Curtis has a variety of seasonal recipes to share and would also like to offer readers the opportunity to win a “take home” experience all their own. 

By entering the Take Home Curtis Stone Contest one lucky winner will enjoy an evening with Curtis Stone in their own home!  Curtis Stone is author of Cooking with Curtis and host of TLC’s popular show Take Home Chef. Click on the above link to his site to enter (Note: Sorry – it looks like the page has been removed – it’s likely it’s too late to enter this contest – click here if you still would like to “meet” Curtis Stone online.

Curtis will travel to the winner’s home, where together they will prepare a meal for five friends. Imagine how popular you’ll be.

Just think of the possibilities…Bridal shower? Bachlorette Party? Moms Night Out? Be the envy of all your gal pals.

FYI – This take-home Curtis Stone contest is no longer valid (NOTE POST DATE – 8/2007) as the deadline came and went. There’s a new contest where you can go to NYC and cook with Curtis Stone. Check it out here.

  1. My husband and I really enjoy watching his show. I can’t tell you how thrilled we would be if we won this contest!!!! I mean we live in Prattville Alabama, so what are the chances that Curtis would be in this area, anyway?

  2. I have always heard the phrase,”The Way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” As a single woman over 6′ tall living on the Island of Maui, it’s hard enough to find a mate. Add to the mix, that I never learned how to cook despite the fact that my mother was a gourmet cook and educator. I would be so excited to have Curtis come to the Island of Maui to teach me and my single friends the art of cooking. After teaching us the skills to catch our men, maybe he can catch some surf!

  3. I am a single Mom with an 11 year old autistic son. My son is a very picky eater. I love Curtis and think he is so creative in his cooking. Winning an evening of him cooking for myself and my son would be a dream come true. We live in Delaware, and nothing exciting ever happens here. This would be so amazing to win this.

  4. Iam an artist and writer, and my husband and i love ethnic food.
    this past thanksgiving we had african food and it was beautiful.
    I would love to have Mr. Stone come and create a unique African meal. We live in a suburb of Seattle Washington, Issaquah.
    I would like to say it took alot of cheek to start the take home chef idea. It must have been a bit scary and awkward for him at first. Kudos! I would love to win this contest and experience cooking with a true artist.

  5. I am a full-time mom of 2 part-time night shift nurse. We live in a historical small town on the Eastern Shore of Maryland-90 minutes from our nation’s capital nestled on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. Blue crab season is right around the corner and we would LOVE for Curtis to come enjoy some local cuisine. Cooking at our house is always festive as we try to eat mostly produce from our local farms and the freshest catch from our local watermen. I am a long-time, HUGE fan of Curtis and would LOVE for him to share in our area’s seasonal festivities. Please Come!!

  6. My wife always tells me if I pre-decease her she will never have a good meal again. So, I need Curtis Stone to visit and assure her that she can cook; no matter what her daughters say. I have always enjoyed cooking and it helped me win my step-daughters hearts. They always mention my stuffed cornish game hens and my special desserts. Please consider Sun City Center, Fl. as a destination for a great dining experience for a family that loves to eat, have fun with food and enjoys trying new recipes. My wife, daughters and grandchildren are the loves of my life. They are always open to any new food experience. Please consider them in your choice of contest winners. I have always worked in the food industry: food service,catering,purchasing,retail grocery,and a want to be chef that never took the plunge. thanks, stan squires


  8. It would be fun to have Curtis to come and cook for me,even though I took a cooking cours myself years ago,but wouldn’t mind still having some tips from the chef himself.It would be any occation because I really like to cook myself,when I invite people over I always do something different.I would like to suprise people I’d get so excited.I just hope to have that oppertunity some day.

  9. Hi Curtis , My name is Julie and the reason I would like you to come and surprise my husband, Kevin is he is a great cook and a few yrs back he became disabled and also Just had part of a lung removed and completed chemo…..the one thing we’ve always enjoyed is good food, with great friends. We have 16 people for steak and lobster each year for our anniversary ….This year will be 15 yrs of marriage and 20 yrs of being a couple…would you please help me show him that I WOULD MARRY HIM ALL OVER AGAIN!!! I’D LOVE TO HAVE YOU IN BEAUTIFUL AFTON MN (HINT) THOUGH SUMMER IS MUCH WARMER….Thanks Curtis…….WE LOVE YOUR SHOW!!!!!!!! PLEASE COME TO DINNER AT OUR HOME BRING YOUR SUIT!!!!! BATHING SUIT

  10. Hi Curtis, I know that your show is mostly filmed on the West Coast…How about coming to Chatham, New Jersey? I would love to surprise my mom with a wonderful meal. She is a wonderful woman who I look up to everyday. My mom has been through so much in the past three years that I want to do something special for her. I want her to know that see means the world to my brother and I. We love watching your show when we get the chance…I have tried some of your wonderful receipts. Hoping to learn some tricks from an incredible Chef. Best wishes and hope to see you in New Jersey!!

  11. I LOVE U!! My dream would be for you to help me prepare a wonderful meal for my 1st anniversary (Aug.11, 2008) for my husband, Christian, who’s also use to be a chef in Vermont. He’s French and an amazing chef. I, however, cook like a mid-western trailer park housewife. We live in Denver, Colorado and have no children. We are both busy professionals and have a Bull Mastiff puppy. If you would like for me to send video footage I would be more than happy too. This would be the BEST surprise ever!! Pick me, pick me, pick me!!!!!!!

  12. Hi Curtis,

    I have been trying to find a way to contact you through TLC – Take Home Chef for a long time now but could only find this website. I am writing because I watch your Take Home Chef show every day from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. on TLC. It is such a fabulous show and you cook such fantastic things. MI absolutely love to cook….my husband calls me Rachel Ray (ha, ha). He actually teases me because I even watch the repeats of your Take Home Chef show which I have already seen…but that doesn’t matter…it is just so much fun to watch. I live in New Hampshire which is a wonderful state. We live 45 minutes from the beaches, Boston, Mass. and the mountains. You get a little bit of everthing here. I know you really only frequent supermarkets in California and even Seattle but I would love for you to come here to New Hampshire and be able to experiment something different. I am actually throwing a small quaint surprise 50th for my husband in July with two of our favorite “couple” friends we get together with all of the time and travel with. I am 35 years old and my husband and I have been together for 11 years, married 7 (on July 7th). I am looking to do something fun and easy going out in our back yard by our pool area. I am looking into different options of a personal chef but would be so honored if you would be able to come and spend the day with us by the pool and we could make something fun and sassy with a few cocktails. When watching your show…you are a man after my own heart..having a glass of wine (or two) while cooking…how much fun. We are easy going fun loving and just like to chill out and have a good time. If you would consider coming to New Hampshire and joining us for this surprise and fun occassion I would be so honored. You would not regret it and I can promise you would have a great time. And, while you are here you can experience the beauty of New Hampshire….you won’t be disappointed. I do thank you for your time and hope that you will contact me and consider joining us this summer…we would love to have you and I know you would have a fabulous time….No pressures….no worries…just great friends, great food and great cocktails with some great sunshine. Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Best Wishes from New Hampshire….

  13. hi curtis i love your show so much i also watch the repeats but anyway i would love to win this so much but the cockaroaches come to the kitchen to visit me often and it would be to embarrassing for me also i live in the bronx and in the projects so i think not but anyway i am so fascinated by you and your personality and your show also just by the way you cook and look just blows me away anyway i want to wish you more great success and i will keep on watching love millie



  15. Hi Curtis,

    I have been trying to find a way to contact you for a long time and this is the only way I have found. I am 25 and my husband is 27. My husband and I watch your show everyday and are amazed at the meals you make. I would love to reward my husband with an amazing meal after all he has done for me. About a little over a year ago, I was diagnosed with cancer. It was a huge shock to all of us especially since it was about 8 months before our wedding. I was freaking out, becuase its cancer, not knowing about my future, if we would be able to continue with our wedding or what, and my husband was very supportive. I did not want to cancel my wedding at all, and decided to turn a bad situation into a good one and keep the wedding date of April 14, 2007. They told me that I would have to start Chemo treatments, and I probably would not have hair for my wedding, and everyone was soooo supportive and said they would all shave their head if my hair was gone. That was the most thoughtful thing anyone could say. About 4 months after I was diagnosed, and 4 months before my wedding, MANY doctors visits, many tests, medications, quitting my job, etc later, my parents could not except the fact that I had cancer. Somehow, they got me an appointment with NIH ( National Institute of Health). I had many tests done again, and 3 days before I was supposed to start my first chemo treatments, they proved to me that I never had it and they had made a mistake. The whole thing was very stressful, sad, and eye opening. We ended up getting married and had the best day of my life, and now everyday I take as my last. My husband and parents were with me through everything and I know how scared everyone was. I would love to reward my parents and my husband with an amazing meal for everything they had done. If it wasnt for my parents I would have gone through the treatments and had no clue I never needed it. I know cooking a meal for them could not give them everything they have given me, but it could certainly be a start. PLEASE PLEASE let me know if their is ANY way this wish of mine could possibly come true. I live in Salisbury, MD its about 25 minutes from the beaches of the eastern shore. PLEASE let me know if this can happen……Thank you for your time!!!!!,
    Kim St. Clair

  16. I am writing in for my 7 year old son. He loves your show. When he comes home from school he does his homework and watches Take Home Chef. Your show is his favorite show. We live on a produce farm in Ohio and Landon always said he was goign to be a farmer like his dad, but now he wants to farm and be a chef. He says he will grow the produce we do now( strawberries, raspberries, sweet corn, tomatoes, melons, peppers, blackberries, squash, pumpkins,etc.) and use it in his resturant. How cool is that. Landon loves to hlep in the kitchen. He would be in awe of he was picked to have Curtis come and teach him a few things. This would be a dream come true for him. I hope you will take us into consideration. Thanks for having a show that I can let my kids watch.
    Kara Wenger

  17. Hey Curtis!!
    I just have to tell you…..
    My best friend ADORES you!!!!! If she ever got to meet you then… WOW!!!That would be SOOOOO great!!! I really wish that she could win this contest! She gets mad if she has to miss your show!!! If she got to meet you or even if she saw you from a distance, then she would definitly pass out right then and there!! That is how much she loves you… I have a special request… Well, if my BFF doesn’t win this contest, then could you get your little agents to um…. well, could they send an autographed picture or something like that?! THAT WOULD BE REALLY FABULOUS!!!! Well, I will let you go…
    God Bless You!!!
    ♥- Elizabeth

  18. Hey curtis i always watch your show, even when im working,im a nurse and all the nurses cant stop talking about how hot you are. any ways i just wanted to know do you live here or in australia im an auzzie to i was born in melborne, victoria but my parents decided to come here in 1988 iwas only 10 now im 29 just feels like yesterday, i love to know how to make lobester, because i suck at that, i’d like to suprise my husband with that he likes watching your shows take home chief. i live in the northern part of california. so if your ever around i hope you run in to me , i’ll make sure im all dressed up. so i hope i win to meet you. P.s you ever watched wolf creek? my friend likes that movie i think its cool.

    From joanna true auzzie

  19. Hey curtis!! After school every day, i come home to watch your show. I am writing this letter to you because my step mother loves to cook and it would be a great surprise if you could cook with her! Especially since you are her favorite chef! Thanks so much for your time!


  20. Curtis,
    I watch your show all the time… and i love it. My husband and sit down and watch your show and he tells me all the time i should learn to cook like you.
    I would love for you to come and cook with me but i doubt that would happen. My husband is in the army stationed in alaska. We are a long ways from home (Florida), and there would be nothing better then to cook him a special meal. He got back from iraq in november and will soon be going back. I have so many fears especially since last time he was hit by an IED and since his buddies are all leaving and going to places that dont deploy.
    I know Alaska is far and not somewhere you would want to go… but i ask an extreme favor. Come and cook with me here and help me in press my husband before he returns to iraq for another tour of duty!!

    Thanks for your time and i love your show …. I try to take notes on recipes but i am not a chef… COME HELP AN ARMY WIFE PLEASE!

  21. Hey I wish Curtis Stone can come and cook for my sisters sweet 16 party. We love him so much especially my sister. My sister watches him everytime. That would be a great gift for my sister!

  22. hi Curtis!! you are just fab. i see you only come to the west coast. I feel you should come to the east coast. it is very interesting over here. we are more affectionate and more outgoing. plus its not everyday you will run into an australian in the grocery store.

    i live in a house hold full of people i would say it is 7 of us. we are from the caribbean so our meals are quite different that what i see you cook. i think this will be a great challenge for you.

    please let me know it this is possible…

    take care love your show..

  23. Hello, my name is Carlene and I am a 28 year old server trying to end the fight against Breast Cancer!
    In an effort to bring local servers together to help voice my concerns I created ‘Servers for a Cure’. A non profit organization that is not only promoting awareness in our community but also raising funds towards the cure. I started this campaign two years ago in an effort to find a cure for Breast Cancer that almost took the life of my aunt 5 years ago. My aunty Linda has become the most strongest and bravest woman that has ever graced my life. Her strength and power to survive was one of the most empowering moments in my life. And because of her I will fight until the cure is found. My Aunty Linda is a true inspiration for me and in turn I’am committed into helping people through promoting healthy eating of fresh local organic foods that helps strengthen bodies into fighting off any unhealthy, unwanted cancers!

    After years of not knowing much about a kitchen I decided to start trying new things out. And I must say Chef Stone was one of those cooks that inspired me to do more then just try, but actually enhance my senses with fresh, local ingredients that he so proudly speaks off ( which might I add really do taste better). He romances food in such a way that makes me want to cook extravagant meals. With my new found love of fresh foods and my dedication for funding for the cure, I’ve incorporated a recipe that brings together fighters, survivors and supporters for one magical night of love, courage and hope

    With that all said, I would love to have Chef Stone do a ’Take Home Chef’ for the ’Servers for a Cure’ Patio Fundraiser. All in the name of the fighters, the survivors and the supporters of my cause, for the past 2 years. Have them taste the foods that he enhances with his imagination and passion. I come to Chef Curtis Stone in hopes that he takes a chance on me with the fundraiser just like Marco Pierre White took a chance on him in London as a young aussie. And in hopes that he would be interested in showing how to make fresh local summer meals that are high in fibre, vitamin D and a good source of calcium and cancer fighting foods that we can showcase that evening as well as the rest of the summer for all the restaurants that are sponsoring our cause.

    Together we can make a difference!

    Carlene (just a girl wishing on a shooting star)
    Server and creator for Servers for a Cure
    facebook: Servers for a Cure

  24. OMG curtis
    My name is claudia lopez i live in Modesto, CA . I’ve been watching your show for a long time now and i love everything about it, you make everything look so good and most of all you make the peopele happy.
    I’ve been together with my boyfriend for about three years we have a 1 yrs old son. Im so emberesst to say this but i do not know how to cook. We are gonna get married this year and it seems like in every mexican family its the same food for every party, I want to have something different no posoel, aros, frijoles no carne lol something differnt you feel me. and ofcourse a party is not a party without food please curtis help me out.. I LOVE YOUR SHOW ITS THE BEST!!
    and if you cant come for this event please send me some Recipes for about 40 people..or maybe you can come for our four year anniversary… now that would be something just for the both of us to enjoy… thanks for this wedsite and for hearing all of ur fans.. God bless you Curtis take care..

  25. Hi Curtis,
    I’m soo happy i came in contact with you,I aspire to be a chef like you.I watch your show everyday,and im intrigued by the diffrent types and styles of food you make. My parents annaversery is coming up soon,and they usually just order take out because their schedule is soo busy. You should definetly consider coming out to Chicago for a breath of fresh air, and a chance to cook some of the midwestern food.

  26. hey CURTIS STONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I watch your show every chance i get. I want you to come cook a meal for me and my husband with me, I am truly one of your #1 biggest fans. I love your show and i think you are hot.

  27. hi chef my name is kali seitsinger i live in bridgewater ma and i love your show i want you to come down to my house and cook for my mom and dad i would love that so please get back to me soon and i also think your so cute i would like to meet you and cook with you at my place i love you your hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Good Morning Chef Stone,

    I am a mother of a (2 months short of) 20 year old, severely Autistic, non-verbal daughter. I also have 3 older children. I can’t tell you what a wonderful treat it would be if you were to select me as a contest winner. I work around my daughter’s schedule and I have a husband whom I know, is the number 1 man in the whole wide world. I have to admit it would be a little tough getting more than 1 girlfriend at my table but am sure my eldest daughter would be more than thrilled to participate. Yes…I admit it, … I only have my eldest daughter and my BFF Cris (both hardworking teachers) as my only friends. Okay….(can you hear that pixie violin in your ear?) so that’s it. Don’t know what else to tell you. Please come visit us here in the Desert Southwest. You would love to cook and enjoy the wonderful sunsets from my backyard. Take care of yourself and don’t look so cute on the tele. 🙂

  29. So, who’s the winner of the Curtis Stone ‘Girls Night In’ contest? Did I miss the announcement or is my niece, Laura Leaper, still in the running? She’s anxiously awaiting her congratulatory email (and so is her mother and her aunt!).

  30. Claire,
    We only announced the contest. Circle of Food is not associated with Curtis Stone in any way except to think he’s cute.

    When I clicked on the link, it was removed so I don’t know who won. If they didn’t call you, you probably didn’t win.

  31. It would would be a blast to surprise, my mom and aunt having Curtis Stone come waltzing up to our door, and watching my mom looking all dazed and confused. She would be the girl you see on take home chef, that runs to tidy herself up.

  32. hey im julia and i was born with a disability called spina bifida and my family has been through a lot like i had 17 surgeries and my brother has passed away from cancer and my mom and older brother had gotten in a car crash. and so i was wondering if that meant a lot to you and if my family could meet you

  33. I love to watch Take Home Chef. What a great show that was and I wish that TLC would pick it up again. I thought that it was one of the best cooking shows on TV.

    I would like to no how to arrange Curtis Stone to please come to my house and help me exspand my cooking skills.

    Plus I am allergic to wheat and gluten and really need help when it comes to my weekly menu.

    Thank you,

  34. My boss said I can have time off if I can get curtis to come to our factory to cook out. We are mostly all woman that work there and need some ideas that we can cook at work or home. I asked the manager at my Hy-Vee if he will ever be here she said right they don’t know where east of 65 is it will never happen. But I am willing to try. any ideas?


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