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Jungle Jim Grocery Store Wins Americas Best Restroom Award

Jungle Jim's Voted Best Restroom in AmericaYou’ve all heard of Trader Joe’s, but what about Jungle Jim’s?  Jungle Jim’s is a local international foods grocery store in Fairfield Ohio, just north of Cincinnati.  It is about 45 minutes from my home and it is truly a culinary adventure from start to finish. 

They are known for having EVERYTHING from EVERY COUNTRY, and I am not exaggerating that much.  The place is huge.  Take your own online excursion through Jungle Jim’s by visiting their various attractions – you’ve got to see it to believe it.

They are known for being funky and fun and recently they won a “highly coveted award” for having America’s Best Restroom.  No kidding.  Click on the link for more photos.

These his and hers restrooms only look like they are port-o-johns.  In actuality, they are entrances to a fancy, luxurious, marble restroom area. 


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