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self explaining addiction (chocolate)

self explaining addiction

self explaining addiction,
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I had to share this photo – for those times when you just MUST HAVE CHOCOLATE. Kind of like the GOT MILK? kind of feeling. Know what I mean?

My special weakness are chocolate fudge brownies. If anybody out there has a favorite recipe please share; although Betty Crocker’s out-of-the box works just fine for “my addiction” too.


  1. Cindy,
    I can relate.

    Although I much prefer bittersweet chocolate even a Dove chocolate or several handfuls of Hershey kisses or bittersweet chocolate chips or those chocolate-toffee individually wrapped candies will do…I forget what they’re called.

    Brownies are always an option if someone else is doing the baking.

    Chocolate is a powerful draw.

  2. Check out the recipe I posted awhile back. These are truly fudgy brownies. They are rumored to be from Katherine Hepburn and are very easy to make.

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