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Pie Across America: Sustainable Table Tour

The Pie across America roadtrip sounds just like the kind of driving adventure I’ve never had.

As a way to broaden the knowledge about the Sustainable Table, that concept is going from the west coast to the east coast hitting the heartland in between while spreading the message of the importance of sustainability.

The Sustainable Table Tour started in Los Angeles and went to Chico, Calif. and through Oregon and Washington. As of August 14, it’s making its into parts of Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas City, Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania and onto New York where on September 9, there will be a Farm Aid concert in New York City.

Along the route, pies will be made and people will learn about the importance of sustainability and eating organic, and locally and seasonally grown products. Why spend a lot of money and fuel on importing grapes from Chile?

Check out the schedule to see if the Eat Well Guided Tour of America is coming to your city and how to participate.

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