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Food Packaging: Time in a Bottle

Like everything else, food packaging is a changing. With so many competing products on the shelf, how do you discern one product from another?

Certainly some consumers may buy based on price or brand loyalty but as brands change their packaging, the previous familar product may get overlooked in the shuffle.

Packaging changes for lots of reasons. For instance in Trader Joe’s, bags of lettuce are getting smaller while the price remains static.

Frequently I think the food package costs more than the product which is especially the case with bottled water and sodas and juices.

According to a recent article in the New York Times packaging used to be industrial or as a means to ship and handle the product but now food packaging and beverages are artful, almost 3-D in nature to really push the button of the market they are targeting.

Reaching for a can or bottle of soda is like reaching into a kaleidoscope with a blitz of cosmic swirling colored bottles that actually look trippy.

Today food packaging is all about new colors and different shaped packages and bottles. Tomorrow there may be a computer chip in the package screaming, “Buy me! Buy me!”

Now that’s a frightening future prospect.

  1. Karyn, how true – it’s all about the packaging today. I just went to a Online Marketing Summit and there was a perfect case-in-point. Trader Joes sells two Kashi cereals: one for kids (Mighty Bites) and Heart to Heart (for adults). Look beyond the packaging and you’ll see the ingredients of both are almost exactly the same…

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