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Food Blog: Exotic Ice Cream in the Melting Pot

July was national ice cream month but if you ask me ice cream never goes out of style especially in these long hot summer months.

While the 15 most popular flavors list vanilla, chocolate, and butter pecan as the top 3 — a cosmic flavor list is on the menu in Los Angeles. L.A. is a culinary melting pot and apparently so are its trendy, in demand flavors of ice cream.

Think outside the rocky road box and experience chocolate wasabi, chocolate martini made with Grey Goose vodka, brown bread actually made with Grape Nuts and caramel, rosewater saffron, pineapple cardamon, mango chili,  almond with fig, just to mention a few.

Ice cream mom and pop stores incorporate flavors from their native countries to make premium ice cream. Think Middle Eastern, Korean, Central American, and Venezuelan for starters. Yum.

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