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Do You Pass the “Great Cook” Test?

According to the TV chef, Gordon Ramsey, the sign of a great cook is their skill in making  scrambled eggs. 

Do you scramble the eggs in a bowl before cooking in the pan?  You fail. 

Do you put your salt in before you start cooking?  You fail.

I failed his test too.  I didn’t know there were so many things you could do wrong making scrambled eggs. 

Interested in his secret?  Gordon’s YouTube video shows how he makes great scrambled eggs.  I must admit, they look light and fluffy.  And I love the way he serves them with grilled cherry tomatoes on the vine, mushroom caps, and hearty toast.

  1. Scrambled eggs with creme fraiche. What was I thinking that I never thought of adding creme fraiche to eggs or more likely, I never thought of buying creme fraiche.

    My DH would probably like me to wake him up with a breakfast like that but in his dreams.

  2. Remember we’re talking Gordon Ramsey here… a man who has pretty narrow thinking when it comes to doing just about anything. His way or the highway correct?

    Many great chefs never put milk ppoducts of any kind in their eggs. They recommend water only.

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