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Coffee Pot Oatmeal – Gourmet the Alton Brown Way

Want a hearty gourmet breakfast with a twist?  This is a great idea from Food Network chef Alton Brown for the college student or office worker who has limited time or can’t cook oatmeal the traditional way but wants to satisfy the gourmet chef in them — try cooking oatmeal in a Mr. Coffee pot.

You have to see this YouTube video on making oatmeal in a coffee pot to believe it.  The idea I particularly liked was using an herbal orange-flavored tea bag to flavor the water.

  1. CoCo,

    That was way cool. I will have to try that as I’m on the road a lot. That would be a much better use of the coffee pot much better than the weird bagged coffee hotels provide.


  2. Wow,

    I’ve always wanted a early morning bowl of something nutrius, but always come up empty handed with all the junk on the shelves today. When I was a little boy I used to get oatmeal on Saturday and Sunday mornings, but now I can have it everyday. The best part about this simple way to make it is the endless variety of flavors one can add to his or her oatmeal. Everyone is bound to a have a few they like, making it possable to become a more popular morning tradition once again!

    Thank You, Alton Brown

    P.S. Thank you again for making something easy just a little bit easier for all us pot heads out there!!!!

  3. Now that is a creative way to use a coffee maker that I would have never thought of. Great idea for the something quick in the the morning right in the hotel room. And probably much better than the horrid coffee that comes out of those hotel coffee makers.


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