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Root Beer Float – The Perfect Refreshing Summertime Treat

Some foods just go with summer. Watermelon comes to mind as does corn on the cob and of course, the rootbeer float.

I remember as a kid my dad would make rootbeer floats with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and we would sit out on the porch at night cooling off.

Since I no longer drink much soda (or pop depending on what part of the country you’re from), a rootbeer float doesn’t come to the top shelf of my mind. One day I stopped at Dairy Queen and got a diet coke float but that wasn’t quite the same.

Did you know that root beer is a carbonated beverage flavored with sassafras?

Did you know there are hundreds of root beer brand names? The only ones that I recall are Dad’s, Hires, and A&W.

The Root Beer Brothers website compares different kinds of root beer. Now there’s a real niche market.

Check out some root beer float recipes and don’t let the summer pass you by. 

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