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Summer (Culinary) Camp for Kids

Summer still got a ways to go – and the kids driving you crazy?

If so, how about sending Jr. to a special culinary camp for Kids if you’re in the Los Angeles Area, called Chef Eric’s, Children’s Culinary Academy.

They learn about:

  • healthy eating
  • how fun it is to cook
  • make new friends
  • and even getting some experiences cooking so they can help Mom and Dad out with a few delicious meals they can prepare in the future.

Chef Eric’s Culinary Academy has a Children’s Culinary Academy for Ages 7 – 15.  The price for the 4 days of classes is $300 – $350. Not bad if you consider you’re setting up the groundwork for a lifetime of fun with food and good eating habits.

Remaining Dates:
Aug. 6 – 9, 2007
Aug. 13 – 16,2007
Aug. 20 – 23, 2007

Still not sure? Just look at this sample menu:

Each week the menu will be as follows: 

Mondays-Cookie Festival with oatmeal raisin cookies, pfeffernusse, giant ginger snaps, classic peanut butter cookies, chocolate chunk cookies and sugar cookies;

Tuesdays-Gourmet Sandwiches with grilled chicken and rosemary on ciabatta bread, smoked salmon with herbed crème fraiche on Focaccia bread, grilled tenderloin sandwiches wrapped in naan bread, fresh tuna salad with homemade mayonnaise on pita bread, spiced skirt steak sandwiches;

Wednesdays-Healthy and Delicious Snacks;

Thursdays-Easy Meals to make for your parents with desserts.


  1. As wonderful as these foods sound to me, I can’t help but shake my head when I think about getting my 11 and 9-year old nieces to try these foods. One niece is so picky that she only eats chicken tenders and french fries when at a restaurant.

    I don’t have any kids of my own, so don’t know what to suggest to my sister-in-law to help her get her kids to have better eating habits.

    Any ideas from you parents out there?

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