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County Fair Food & Fun Time


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It is county fair time in our area and we went last night to keep up our tradition of enjoying a little bit of Americana.

It was $7.50 a head to get in the gate, but parking was free. We were starving (it was already 7pm) and the first thing we wanted to do was get something to eat.

My husband and I always share our food so we can try more things without totally pigging out. He has to have his meat and we usually get a grilled pork sandwich or pulled pork but I was in the mood for something different, so we got a Super Baked Potato that had sliced beef on top (we held the cheddar cheese sauce). It was baked to perfection — being so moist.

All in all, we had the baked potato ($5), a big hamburger with fresh home-grown tomatoes ($2.50 – a bargain), a candied apple with peanuts ($3), and a double-dip of peach and raspberry homemade icecream in a waffle cone ($4). The ice cream stand is run by two elderly women who are identical twins. We see them every year. Their line was the longest one that evening for good reason.

The most fun, though, was when we were walking through the cow barn and I looked down and saw a wallet that someone had apparantly dropped. I pointed to it and then reached down to pick it up — having visions of trying to contact the individual and seeing their happy face to know that it was back in their hands — only to find that it moved!

Someone had put it on the end of a sting and were using it as entertainment for the evening as they “reeled people in”.

I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. What fun.

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