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Cravings: Bug Appetit – Cicada Tempura and Other Delicacies

cicadas - for dinner
cicadas – for dinner

One enterprising cookbook author (Marilyn Pocius) in Chicago has found a new use for those bizarre red-eyed bugs that attach themselves to trees, building, everywhere.

Cicadas are commonly eaten in some parts of Africa and South America.

Pocius is no stranger to unusual foods. Her book, “A Cook’s Guide to Chicago,” trumpets bizarre ingredients like edible paper, lily bulbs, and chrysanthemum leaves.
First, she and her friend blanched the bugs in rapidly boiling water.

Using a fork, Hammond then coated the cicadas with a light tempura batter, then flash-fried them. They snapped and sizzled inside a kettle of hot oil. Crispy and brown, he drained them on paper towels and awaited the moment of truth. Everyone thought they had a creamy peanut butter taste.

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