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Grassfed Beef: It’s What for Dinner – Healthy Red Meat

I love a good steak but I rarely have steak because I am trying to eat less red meat. And then again, a lot of steak, simply is tasteless gristle. I’ve also been cutting back on red meat as I sometimes question what I ingest and because so many things have been recalled — I’m trying to make better food choices.

For the past year, I’ve heard the term grassfed beef and thought I would explore that further. Lucky for me there are some grassfed beef ranchers a few short hours away from Tucson (in Dudleyville) and was able to combine my interest with of their product with an article.

First let’s discuss grassfed beef. It is what it is — cows grazing on grassy pastures. It is not cows being stuffed with corn which they are unable to digest. It is cows not being shot with hormones and antibiotics to bluster their weight and aid their digestion.

Grassfed beef is what our ancestors ate. Grassfed beef has less saturated fat than cornfed beef.

Grassfed beef costs a bit more just like organic does; that’s the real organic not the fake organic at Wal-Mart.

If you search grassfed beef on Google, the terms are no longer niche. Read all the sites and they all cite the same advantages.

I ate a grass fed filet the other day. The recommendations was to sear it quickly on a high heat on both sides in some olive oil. Then lower the heat and let the natural juices form and that was that. I added a bit of smoky sea salt and a drizzle of Worchestire sauce.

It tasted like butter. I served it with some very ripe tomatoes and cucumbers slices and that was that with a small goblet of a rose wine; delicious in its healthfulness and simplicity.

  1. Steak = Heart Healthy? I didn’t think the two went together, but I was watching QVC the other day and they had a 5 oz. steak that had the American Heart Association approval. Yes it was grain fed, but low in fat – only 2 grams per serving.

    Oddly, they said that a 5oz. steak only has 110 calories. I find this very hard to believe.

  2. Mary Johnson, You are very mistaken. I have studied the effects of Grass Fed Beef on human health for the last decade and let me inform you that it is indeed a red meat that is heart healthy.

  3. Hello, great article on grass fed beef and your preparation of it. I work with La Cense Beef, they sell all natural grass fed beef . They have a lot of wonderful products that you might want to check out next time you crave red meat.

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