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Red, White and Blue Food Recipes (desserts + potato salad)

There’s something about July 4th that brings people together. And when people come together, food is usually the focus, especially red, white and blue foods.

Here are some easy red, white and blue ideas:

Red, white and blue pound cake dessert – Take a store bought pound cake and slice it longwise into three slabs. Cover the first slab with sliced strawberries (drain first). Add the second slab and cover with blueberries (drained). Top with the remaining slab and frost with either cream cheese frosting or whipped topping. If using cream cheese frosting, refrigerate. If using whipped topping, freeze. Just before serving, put a big 4 on top using the berries. Serve immediately (allow the frozen version to thaw).

Red, white and blue ice cream -Buy some good vanilla ice cream and allow to thaw somewhat. This usually happens on the way home from the store. When you come home, remove from carton and mix in fresh strawberries and blueberries. You can also add chopped nuts (just make sure none of your guests have nut allergies), mini chocolate chips, mini jelly beans, whatever. Then refreeze. You may need an additional container. Serve in cones or disposal paper cups.

Red, white and blue potato salad – You will need purple potatoes or suspend that thought altogether and think blue cheese (gorgonzola). Okay, purple is not exactly blue but think abstractly.

You can find purple potatoes in some upscale markets in the produce department. You can  make equal parts of red, white, and purple potatoes or equal parts of red and white potatoes and lesser of the purple potatoes. If you’re not so set on “white” and if you have access to Yukon gold potatoes, they are golden in color and have a much better taste than white potatoes.

Or you can think totally abstract and forget the purple potatoes all together and use the gorgonzola cheese as part of the blue ingredient.

Boil, drain, and peel potatoes as usual. How many? That’s up to you. These potatoes are generally smaller than a russet. Wait for the potatoes to cool down before quartering. Dice a red pepper, crumble a few strips of crisp bacon (or omit for the vegetarian version), add a generous handful of halved cherry tomatoes, a few chopped green onions, and 1/4 cup of crumbled gorgonzola cheese. Mix equal amounts of a good vinaigrette with low fat mayonnaise, a dash of sea salt and pepper.

 Amounts depend on how many potatoes you have and how “wet” you want your salad to be. I recommend saving some dressing as it will evaporate in the refrigerator. Allow to marinate for at least 2 hours.  

If you try any of these recipes, let me know how you and your family / friends liked them. Happy July 4th.

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