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8 Things That Make You Eat

Following on the coat tails of Karyn’s interesting post hilighting “What’s On Your Food Shopping List” from Time magazine, here is another Time magazine article that I stumbled upon afterwards that lists “8 Things That Make You Eat“. 

Try to guess them first before looking.  They are all spot on. 

  1. Okay, let me guess:
    1. boredom
    2. depression
    3. hunger
    4. curiosity
    5. social

    Now I’ll go read the article. Those are 5 reasons why — I — eat although not exactly in that order.

  2. some things that make me eat are:

    When I’m socializing with some wine or beer I always want some bar munchies.

    When I go into a good coffee house, a scone usually calls my name.

    When I can smell my neighbor’s bbq, I usually have to find something to eat.

    When I go into the bakery to get some bread, usually some pastry will call my name – B.E.T.T.Y

    When my husband gets frisky, I feel like eating.

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