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What’s on your Food Shopping List?

TIME magazine did an interesting spread on what 16 families ate for a week. The cost of feeding various families around the world went from $5 to $500 for a week.

Guess which country picked mayonnaise sandwich as one of their favorite foods?

So as a country, do you think we are what we eat?

What’s on your shopping list day and day out?

  1. Very interesting photos. It’s also amazing what constitutes family. So many muntigenerational set ups except in America.

    Usually for the two of us: bottled water, near milk, yogurt,bread of some sort,frozen pizza, bag o’salad, chicken, beef in some form, frozen waffles, club soda, vodka, wine, potatoes, ?????
    With just the two of us sometimes it is just easier to eat out.

  2. On my shopping list more often then not is soy milk, yogurt — usually organic plain or vanilla, whole bean coffee, sometimes a rotisserie chicken especially when it’s so damn hot here now (triple digits), bottled water, lots of fresh fruit, organic apples, string cheese, salad in a bag, lime frozen fruit bars and a bottle of wine.

  3. Even though I do not do the shopping in my family, since I am only 17, I feel my family spends way too much on food everyweek. My mom is constantly at the grocery store, but since we are lead a busy lifestyle, we usually go and buy enough for a meal. This is nice because we can plan exactly what we want each night, making it a gourmet meal, but it also increases costs. Instead of spending $150 or more a week, like an average family around us, my mom can end up spending $ 50 or more everytime she goes to the store. This system has been working for us just because we are so busy, but we would actually have more time and be saving money if we went to the store only once a week.

  4. Most recently, we just started buying sparkling water (unflavored) in a can as a substitute for diet pop.

    In general, our list includes: natural peanut butter, lots of fresh veggies & fruits, artisan bread, frozen pizza, spenda-sweetened yogurt, non-fat sour cream, pork chops, fresh low-fat hamburger, veggie burgers, potato chips & cookies (for my husband), beer, wine, eggs (the kind with the stamped brand on the shell), non-fat milk, low-fat ice cream, heart-healthy butter…

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