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Jammin for Apricot Jam

Two enterprising people in Santa Clara Valley, Calif. whipped up a batch of jam and voila! they became famous. So famous that Food & Wine magazine came calling and posted a little blurb about their delicious rare jam in the February 2007 issue.

Their limited edition success is based on the Blenheim apricot which is becoming so rare that they only make 100 jars of the treasured jam per year.

Unfortunately, we don’t know how sweet or tart or earthy it is because the ingredients are not posted nor is the caloric values.

I love fresh apricots but an apricot cobbler or chunky jam makes my mouth water as I write this. Good jam heightens toast, or hell, even a spoon.

Check out We Love Jam and let us know your favorite jams and jammy memories.

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