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Got Milk? Got Milk with Cancer Causing Hormones?

As the eating public takes more of an interactive interest in the foods we eat and by reading labels for better health and wellness, the chemical giant Monsanto wants to strip you the consumers of that right.

Just like chocolate where the chocolate corporations want to add mystery vegetable oils in lieu of costlier cocoa butter, Monsanto wants you to go blindly into the night and not know what growth hormones go into your milk.

Fight back!  We don’t need no stinkin’ hormones in our milk. We already have plenty of cancer-causing pesticides on our fruits and vegetables. We have more than enough antibiotics and hormones in our meats. And we’re tired of the lax controls on imports from China.

Dan's ChocolatesThrough public awareness several dairy companies have removed the human growth hormone from milk and labeled their cartons as rBGH or rBST free. All industrialized countries except the United States, Mexico, and Brazil have removed rBST from their milk supply.

Monsanto makes this mystery human growth hormone and doesn’t like to see their profits going down the drain.

Fight back! Tell the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) that the human growth hormone is not good for the cows or people.

Monsanto is a mega-billion dollar corporation. Don’t let the FDA be influenced by their powerful lobbyists. Monsanto has even sued small dairies for labeling their products as rBST.

Every body needs milk but not with more cancer causing hormones. Fight back! 

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