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Factory Farms: Big Business in Ohio


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These innocent buildings hide much from the public. These are factory farms. The windowless buildings may house chickens, turkeys, hogs — in crowded conditions with little room to move.

I’ve seen news clips of the inside of these facilities where chickens live in tight cages their whole lives strategically placed with their heads above their grain and water supply.

These are prevelant in Darke County in Western Ohio. You never see animals outside. The evidence that animals are inside are the grain silos strategically located outside to easily provide feed to the animals.

I am not an animal rights activist but I must admit that I am uncomfortable when I see this. Not only for the animals’ sake but for the fact that big industries own these money-making machines — pushing the small time farmer out of business.  A price is paid for the loss of diversity.

The big problems that arise from these factory farms are the waste products that are concentrated in a small area. Urine pollutes the water supply nearby.

  1. How many of these things are there in Darke Co.? We came through there a few months ago and had to hold our noses becauses of the hog enterprises….unreal – every where you’d look esp. along SR 127. We’re having a tri state meeting concerning factory farms in Morenci MI Sept. 6th. If you’d like to attend email me. We need to get united. Take care- Teri

  2. Teri, I was just passing through Darke Co. I don’t live there, so I can’t give you any more insight on factory farms there. Good luck with your meeting in Michigan. Come back afterwards and post the details of what transpired. I’m curious.

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