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Healthy Eating: Eat Superfoods or Antioxidants / Schmantioxidants

Superfoods? What are they? We are inundated with the word but who among us has a clue what they are? If you can name five superfoods, give yourself a gold star.

When asked one of my friends says she pictures a carrot wearing a cape flying around the planet. That image might seduce kids to eat their carrots but for the rest of us — we neeed a reality check.

Today, nutritionists tout the super food. Since I’m going to eat, I want to eat smartly and since good health is one of my most prime concerns these days — knowing what superfoods are is high on my agenda.

Although I don’t like the title, The Pocket Idiot’s Guide – Superfoods, the book is very readable and easily explains what superfoods are (lots of variety to choose from) and why you should incorporate them in your diet.

You cannot watch TV without hearing the word — antioxidants. But what are antioxidants? According to the book, antioxidants protect our bodies’ cells from oxidative stress and free radicals (yep, that’s defined in the book too). Antioxidants may reduce the risk of cancers and age related diseases.

Food scientists continue to study antioxidants but the book Superfoods explains what are the most healthful vegetables, why to eat nuts, the joy of Concord grape juice and red wine, good fats and bad fats, magical proteins, and much more. 

You gotta eat so you may as well eat superfoods for a long and healthy and fruitful life.

  1. If your wallet can afford it, allow me to suggest marine phytoplankton. If money is a bit tight, then I’d suggest you check out stabilized rice bran (soluble version). Both are uber nutrient-dense, essentially pre-digested so they are easily absorbed by the body. And both have well-researched studies on health-promoting properties. Be well.

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