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Gum Wall: Small Town Diners Claim to Fame

Greenville, Ohio is a wonderful small town in farm country with lots of rich heritage.  It is home to Annie Oakley, Lowell Thomas, and the gum wall.

I had read about the gum wall but saw it for the first time this weekend on our way back from a weekend trip in nearby Indiana.

We stopped, took these photos, and then went inside to get a pop.  It was a typical small-town diner with hamburgers, hot dogs, and french fries on the menu.

I must admit, the gum wall was fascinating but turned me off from wanting to actually eat there.

As we were waiting for our order, I was looking around and saw a sign that advertised their “gum wall t-shirts”.  I asked them about it and they showed me a really fun t-shirt showing a closeup, similar to the top photo here, with the additional novelty of having a raised surface on the image to give a 3-D effect.

I do plan on going back with my nephews and nieces this summer, when they come to visit.  We’ll go to the Annie Oakley Museum and then stop to get them a gum wall T-shirt.  They will think it is cool.



  1. CoCo,
    I love that story. I grew up in NE Ohio and we never traveled anywhere exploring the state. I guess my parents were too busy working to support a family. I am sure my mother would’ve been appalled by the gum and my father would’ve thought it was funny.

    Ohio has some really cool little towns.

    Several years ago I was driving from Cleveland to Youngstown but for some reason I didn’t take the turnpike or interstate and instead went via roads. I was really in Amish country. I saw a red barn on a hill and stopped the car to take a photo. Ahead when I stopped to pick up a pie, there was the same photo that I just took on the wall for sale.

  2. I actually work at the Maid-Rite…
    Best place to work in town:)
    and we do not have hot dogs or french fries on the menu LOL.
    Thanks for advertising:)

  3. btw, working, we do not even realize that the wall is there…so it has nothing to do with the food, believe me!
    I just get a kick outta watchin outta-towners fascinate over the wall HAHAH;)

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