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Grocery Shopping: Are You a One-Meal Shopper?

According to the Wall Street Journal today, the latest trend in grocery shopping is to shop for one meal at a time (as opposed to shopping for a whole week’s worth of groceries).

I personally am the weekly shopper. I think it is in my genes.

Back in the 60’s, when I would go grocery shopping with my mother, I remember filling our shopping carts to the brim and overflowing into a 2nd shopping cart – something you never see today unless there is a Girl Scout troop shopping for a weekend campout.

We had a freezer then and she would put a lot of it in there. Freshness was limited to fruits and vegetables – of which there was a limited selection.

The ultimate in freshness was our milk. I remember having our milk delivered to our door in the glass bottles. Looking back, it was a charming custom and something that I long for again for nostalgia’s sake, but probably not very practical today with most people working outside of the home. As an aside, they still deliver milk door-to-door in England.

My husband, on the other hand, is a meal shopper. He says that it gives him the freshest ingredients – a point I can’t deny. But the tradeoff of time out of your day is not worth it to me.

The point of the Wall Street article was that by catering to meal shoppers, who visit the store more frequently as a result and enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere with lower lighting, wood floors, boutique sections for meat and baked goods, grocery stores are able to compete effectively with Wal-Mart.

  1. I am a weekly shopper as well. I do enjoy visiting the farmers market near my workplace to get fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers.
    I will drop by my local wine shop during the week to pick up a bottle, and plan two or three meals to match the wine.
    Great post!
    Kathleen Lisson
    Albany, NY

    Wine and Stories from the Vineyard blog – http://www.myspace.com/gamay

  2. I can see busy people stopping by to pick up prepared foods every day and maybe something else or two but I cannot imagine in today’s busy world that people are going to shop every day especially with the cost of gas that it is.

    Unless you’re in an urban area that has open air or small shops or a gourmet emporium like Whole Foods or Andronico’s that you can pop in on your way home from work and pick up a few things as the previous message said.

    My mother never learned to drive and my father’s biggest beef was that every day he would have to take her shopping. She always made a list but inevitably forgot something or ran out.

    I try to buy for awhile and even when I run out I make do with stuff because as much as I’m a foodie, I really don’t like to grocery shop. I go to the actual grocery store like Fry’s (a Kroger store) about once every two months and usually buy stuff that is on sale and some dishwasher supplies.

    I go to Trader Joe’s about once a week or every 10 days – I do buy the bulk of my food and supplies here but like a bigger selection for fruits and vegetables.

    Sometimes I go to 17th Street Market (in Tucson) for a better choice of organic produce and sometimes to Sunflower Market for other produce, rotisserie chicken, and bulk coffee if I don’t feel like going to Trader Joe’s. And when I want a real fresh marble rye bread, I go to Nadine’s bakery which is about 3 blocks away.

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