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Do Real Men Go Grocery Shopping?

Does your man know his way around the grocery aisle?

According to a recent report put out by TNS Retail Forward, men shop inefficiently which leads to missed sales at the checkout counter.

Many men have difficulty finding items, forgo items rather than risk buying the wrong item, or simply cannot find their way to the correct aisle — and — this is shocking — refuse to ask for directions!

One enterprising store has come up with a computerized gadget that goes on the shopping cart and will help lead men to the products they want without having to ask for help. I bet if they made it into a game and gave them points, more men would shop.

That reminds me of my youth when mom would send dad to the grocery store when there were far less choices and still he wouldn’t come home with exactly what she wanted. She would say one brand of canned peaches and he would come home with another. She wasn’t complimentary and she wasn’t flexible. I think he liked to go because he would also sneak a bag of pistachios for himself.

Maybe it’s because men don’t multi task as well as women that they don’t like to grocery shop. Either way when I send my DH to the grocery store for a few items, he inevitably doesn’t find them all or brings home the wrong thing.  The same can be said for the hardware store. 

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