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Recipe Rating Scale Brings Friends Together

One of my friends let me borrow her cookbook once and specifically requested that I write my comments right alongside the recipe after I had tried it.

What a wonderful idea!  Not only did it give her another person’s opinion of the recipe but it gave her a very personalized way to remember me.  I have since started doing this also. 

I use the following rating scale:

  • Excellent – It looks great and tastes great — enough so that I would serve it to guests with confidence, knowing that they would enjoy it.
  • Very Good – It tastes great but may not have the WOW factor I would want to serve to my guests in terms of appearance.  I would make it again for my family.
  • Good – Nothing special.  I would not make it again. 

As an aside, I also have been using the same rating scale for the last 20 years for the books that I read.  I started doing this because I actually read a book twice, not remembering it until near the end.  My thoughts were that if it was not good enough to remember the first time, it was not good enough to read twice.

  1. Well I think that is a very good approach to rating recipes. The only problem I think could arrise is that when different people look at the book, everyone has different likes and dislikes. With your system, one person may rate this recipe an excellent, while the other one rating it a good. Because of this, I think it is a good idea to share with only your friends, because they know your tastes and what your style of cooking is like. I will be interested in seeing how my friends compare with me in the cookbook ratings!

  2. CoCo,
    That’s a great idea to rate cookbooks.

    I started a list of books that I’ve read and movies that I’ve watched but I usually misplace the list before it becomes useful.

    I have read the same book twice on too many occasions when I couldn’t remember that I read it until near the end. I’ve done that with Sue Grafton mysteries because I couldn’t remember what letter I was on and they are repetitive to some extent because Kinsey (the female detective) lives in the same place and has the same habits.

    I forget what letter I ended on but wonder if Kinsey still lives in the same apartment near the beach in Santa Teresa (actually Santa Barbara). Kinsey has always typed her notes and I wonder if she ever came into the 21st century and used a computer?

    A few years ago I read that Grafton still typed or handwrote her stories. As a writer (of articles and web content) myself, I found that fact incomprehensible.

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