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Home Wine Tasting Party with Personal Chef

I belong to a group of women who get together once a month to socialize.  We all work and sometimes a little business exchange might come out of it, but mostly we just talk.

We usually go to a restaurant or meet at someone’s home, which is what we did this month, but with a little twist — we had a professional wine tasting demonstration put on by The Traveling Vineyard followed by dinner prepared by a personal chef.  It was held outside — poolside. 

This wine tasting was a lot of fun because we had so many people that knew each other — there must have been 30 by the time all of the “friends” showed up for this special event. 

Becky, our independent wine consultant, was a marvel to watch.  She was an expert in sales and was a natural at it.  I came to find out that her first job out of college was with Proctor and Gamble (at their headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio) and she said they put her through 17 interviews before hiring her.  They even interviewed her parents’ friends!  She said they were looking for someone who was “competitive”. 

The routine is that there are six bottles of wine that are offered for tasting — 3 white and 3 red.  Becky is not allowed to pour the wine (someone assigned by the hostess must do this) — this is how they can get around not having a liquor license.

The wines are not commercially available.  Most were “unoaked” — a new experience for me.  (Can anyone comment on this?) And bottles were mostly less than $15.00.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the personal chef was slaving away in the hostess’ kitchen.  The results were delicious.  We had chicken fettucini, french bread, salad with strawberries, nuts, and blue cheese.  Dessert was a cannoli.

I’ve never been to an event with a personal chef and let me tell you, I can get used to this real quick.  We all paid our way and it only turned out to be $15.00 a head for dinner.

So, get some friends together and get your own personal chef for a night you won’t soon forget.

  1. Mary,
    That sounds like so much fun especially the wine tasting part.

    $15/ a person sounds very reasonable. I think it would depend on what part of the country you’re in. In cities like Los Angeles, the cost would probably be doubled.

    Were the wines domestic and from what states?

  2. Hi Mary! (and Betty)

    This is Becky, the independent wine consultant from The Traveling Vineyard, and I too had an enjoyable time . When Peggy, (the hostess) said the event was going to be catered, I had no idea the food was going to be so plentiful and so wonderful! Jen, the personal chef, you did a great job!!!!!!!!!

    It was very nice of Peggy to have me stay for the dinner part as to get to know you all better. You all were an enjoyable crowd and I am considering joining your wonderful woman’s group.

    As far as the wines go , we did have a few “unoaked” whites …..all the rest of the wines we tasted that evening were fermented in oak barrels. Normally we taste 2 whites and 3 reds, but Peggy said there were going to be a lot of white lovers in attendance , so we decided to taste 3 whites…….. a Saugvignon Blanc, a Pinot Grigio , and a Chardonnay were shown in addition to the 3 reds.

    Peggy had also put in her suggestions as to what she thought the crowd would enjoy; thus, the unoaked whites were suggested because summer is upon us and these whites most certainly can be enjoyed on a hot day by themselves or with lighter summer fare.

    In answer to Betty above, our Traveling Vineyard wines come from all over the world from the very best growing regions. These wines are not mass produced, so you won’t be seeing what we have tasted at The Traveling Vineyard event in the local grocery stores or liquor stores….. they are more like “boutique” gems. 95% of The Traveling Vineyard wines are exclusive to The Traveling Vineyard, so it is as if you are tasting at a vineyard, plus you have the ability to try the wines so you can order what you enjoy!

    The Traveling Vineyard offers you an opportunity to taste these wines from your own home or place of business…… (as long as all the people are privately invited by the hostess , a responsible hostess letter is signed, it is NOT held in a liquor licensed establishment, and other regulations we must abide by…….. as we do not have liquor licenses, we cannot serve the wines, we just talk about the wines to market them . )

    I, as the independent wine consultant for The Traveling Vineyard , do a wine tasting presentation for you. I market, (not sell), these wines for The Traveling Vineyard. If you enjoy what you are tasting , you fill out an intent to order form and the Traveling Vineyard handles your direct sale thereafter. The Traveling Vineyard will process your order , your credit card and will take care of direct shipping of your order for you !

    These wines are marketed to you the consumer! The wine will be direct ship to you , the consumer . A full case of wine is actually shipped directly to your door for only 14.95 for all 12 bottles! (that’s about 40 1bs. for only 14.95…..one of the very lowest shipping prices in the wine industry!)

    Most of the wines we market at The Traveling Vineyard tasting are between 11.99 and 14.99, but can go as high as 19.99. One of the Australian wines we tasted at this particular event was actually touted as being outstanding in Wine Spectator and also made Wine Spectator’s best value list at 14.99! (we also tasted wines from Italy, France and California that night as well as the one from Australia) The Traveling Vineyard may obtain their wines for tastings from Chile, Spain, South Africa , New Zealand , etc. as well. Any of the best known growing regions can be represented in our tastings.

    The Traveling Vineyard takes great pride in getting you the consumer in some wonderful wines as these for you to privately taste in your own home……….wines that have fantastic price / quality ratios that you you get to try before you order. If these wines were available locally, they would actually cost you anywhere from 20 – 50 % more per bottle of wine.

    If you would like more info on hosting a party or becoming a consultant for The Traveling Vineyard, or just have have a question on what is is all about, you can contact me at http://www.myttv.com/becky9285

    I will be more than happy to help you in any way that I can…… send you info on holding your own tasting or becoming an independent consultant, let you know the states we are able do a tasting in or answer any questions you might have . I do have people all over the nation doing tastings on my team and they or I would be happy to come to your home for a tasting.

    I really do enjoy marketing wines for The Traveling Vineyard , and I am really glad that it came through in the actual presentation …….it is really a fun way to get to learn about and taste great wines from all over the entire world. I have been a stay at home mom for about 12 years now and my love for wines drew me into this very part time position. I am by no means a wine expert, just a wine enthusiast …….everything I have learned along the way is available on my company website.

    Thanks so much for the nice review Mary! I hoped I helped to answer some of your questions too Betty………..this blog thing is kind of new to me !

    If any one has any further questions , feel free to use my website to get a hold of me and I will help you with any question you might have. Take care, thanks a lot , it was really fun! BEcky

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