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Micro Fiber Mop: The Modern Way to Clean Your Kitchen

I hate to vacuum. Too heavy. Too noisy. Too inconvenient.

My husband does the vacuuming as a result. Yes, I know I’m lucky. His mother trained him well.

Well, he came home today with a new toy. No, not a set of golf clubs — a micro fiber surface mop. I’m not kidding. There is a method to his madness.

I was using it as soon as it came out of its bag. Let me tell you, this thing is too cool! No noise. And it works great. Did I mention, no noise?

You use it dry. You swish it around over bare floors and it picks up dirt that a broom would surely miss. I had my kitchen floor dustless in just a couple of minutes.

I have seen these micro fibers on QVC and always wondered about them. I’m a believer now. I’ll never be like June Cleaver but maybe I’ve taken a step closer.

  1. CoCo,
    Your husband sounds like a gem but he’s very clever because now he bought a mop that you are embracing.

    My DH doesn’t vacuum and doesn’t buy me presents of any kind.


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