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How Sweet It Is:Whey Low-Low Calorie Sugar

Sugar, sugar, sugar…if you have a sweet tooth…it’s high on your list of must-haves. But diabetics and people on diets cannot have sugar so they often resort to denying themselves which never works for very long or using artificial sweeteners.

The jury is still out as to how safe artificial sweeteners really are. In the long run who really knows how damaging the chemicals in cyclamates and aspartame really are.

I’m not saying that Whey Low is safe as time will tell. (When you think of safe food sources, that’s all really muddled any more.) However, Whey Low is a blend of natural sugars not artificial ingredients.

An enterprising husband in Maryland came up with a product that has 75 percent less calories that regular sugar. It appears his wife was diagnosed with diabetes and she loved to bake so through trial and error he found a substitute for her and now you.

The Arizona Daily Star wrote a good article about Whey Low.

  1. I use Splenda. Never heard of Whey Low until your post.

    Obviously my first question was how Splenda and Whey Low compared and the link you give to their site had the answer to my question on their home page. What caught my eye is that you can use Whey Low in all recipes for baking — they claimed that you are restricted to just some recipes with Splenda.

    I think I’ll give it a try because I do try to use sugar substitutes and fat substitutes in my baking.

  2. I have been using Whey Low since finding out about it on Dr. Whittaker’s site. I use it for everything and can find no difference in taste or the way it bakes, except you need to use a lower temperature for baking. All that information is on their website. I made caramels too so you can cook with high heat on stovetop. I have all the different kinds of it, ie, brown sugar, confectioners, maple syrup flavor, one to make your own ice cream, and for me, the diabetic kind. My blood sugar is very stable now and I attribute it to changing over to Whey Low for my sweetner. My daughter-in-law was hard to convince to try it as she had tried other artifical sweetners and didn’t like any of them in her tea. She finally gave in and tried it and now just uses the Whey Low. p.s. I am NOT a spokesperson for Whey Low, just a very satisfied customer!!

  3. I’ve read it does nothing for blood sugar, and diabetics have reported spikes when using even the Whey Low D. I want to try this, but I am concerned. Anyone here have an experience with this?

  4. L.S.
    I suggest you contact the company and your doctor. Agave nectar says it’s low glycemic. It’s very sweet and you have to use sparingly. I do know that when I use agave nectar vs. sugar I don’t crave any more sugar.

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