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Plant Fresh Herbs & Flowers Together

Herbs potted with annualsAs you know, adding fresh herbs to any recipe takes it to another level. Here is a tip to make it easy so that you have fresh herbs close-at-hand whenever you need then.

Plan ahead and buy some herb plants when you are shopping for those annuals to plant in your yard.  When filling your planters, mix a few herbs with your flowers for a fresh and fragrant combination.

I especially love cilantro, parsley, basil, oregano, and tarragon.  Thyme is hardy and I use it as a ground cover in one of my flower beds.

Don’t stop with annuals.  Also try mixing with succulents, such as hens-and-chicks.  Just remember to combine plants that have similar watering requirements.

  1. I am just starting a herb garden I picked up some sweet basil,rosemary,and thyme I just trying to find out if I need to dig them up in the winter or not

  2. Vivian, I live in Ohio so let me answer you from that perspective.

    We have cold winters. Thyme, a perennial, is very hardy and mine is a healthy, lovely ground cover that I have had for years.

    Rosemary is definitely a perennial, but I have found that if you plant it in a container above ground, it is susceptible to freezing and it only lasts one year. Mine didn’t make it again this year.

    Basil is definitely an annual.

  3. coriander,mint are one of the most widely used herbs in India. I have developed the hobbie of planting herbs. Could you let me know some of the others herbs which i can grown Simultaneously.

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