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Dine in Style on Your Patio

Unique wrought iron patio dining setFood tastes so much better when you have a nice place to enjoy it. 

Think of those times when you walked into a restaurant where they seated you in a patio area with flowers and a water element and you couldn’t wait to enjoy the experience. 

Well, you can recreate some of this elegance in your own patio, just like I did, with some simple elements. 

This photo shows a patio dining table I put together years ago that I just love.  It is made from an old wrought iron gate, a large metal urn, and a lucite plastic top cut-to-size. 

The gate was rusty when I bought it, and if that bothers you, even though the lucite top solves this problem on the top anyway, you can always scrape off the rust with a metal brush and use Rustoleum to give it a totally new look in a matter of an hour or two. 

The chairs, also wrought iron, came without seats.  I bought some plywood, cut round seats to fit and varnished them with marine varnish.  When we have guests, I bring out some seat covers to add cushiness.

For another project, I recently refinished a 25-year old rusty, white, wrought-iron patio set and it looks just-like-new.  I used a “hammered bronze” colored finish to give it a more elegant look.  I never did like the white but they didn’t have another color when I bought it.  I can’t believe I lived with it for this long.

I was really surprised how easy it was to do.  Just follow the instructions on the can of Rustoleum.  The only negative side to the project was that the tip of my index finger was numb for days after using it to spray 6 cans.

For that special touch, spray down the patio with water, an hour before they come, for a fresh “just rained” look — just like in the high-end magazines.

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