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Food and Chemistry All in One?

Ever since I was a young girl, I have always enjoyed cooking. I was the child sitting innocently in the kitchen waiting to help out my mom. Finally, as I grew up , my mom and I started cooking together for fun. By ten, I would not eat a simple hot dog, but instead had to have blackened salmon or sauteed shrimp for dinner.

As I progressed into my teenage years, I still had that love for cooking. So for an early birthday present, my mom bought me tickets to go see one of the chefs from the Bravo T.V. show, Top Chef at the University of Akron. During this spectacular presentation, they make gourmet foods that were fantastic, but when the second chef came out, I was up to see something I had never witnessed beforechemistry and cooking all in one.

This top chef used safe chemicals and preservatives in new ways to bring food presentations to a whole new level. In his demonstrations with these new products, he made the ordinary peanut butter and jelly in a new way. Using a chemical that hardens the outside, he took the jelly and made it burst when you bite into it. He then added the peanut butter and made little balls for a wonderful presentation of the simple PB & J.

Besides all the wonderful presentations, he made pasta noodles out of a mixture of soy sauce and different spices within minutes. They tasted great and could become a new favorite to comsumers soon. I loved this Cook Off and thought it was a wonderful experience for my love of cooking. I will, of course, continue to keep cooking throughout my life, and only wait to look forward to the new products of the time.

Oh by the way, I am currently 16 years old.  Rachel Ray — watch out!

Torie Nicholas

  1. Cara,

    Welcome to the Circle of Food!. It’s great to have a teen’s viewpoint on food and we look forward to having you as one of our newest guest bloggers!

    We hear about so many kids/teens that are picky eaters. Why do you think that you like such sophisticated foods as salmon and what do you suggest that parents can do to get their kids to try new foods?

  2. Cara, I loved reading your post – and was amazed when I read you were such a cooking sage at just 16! Welcome to Circle of Food. I look forward to hearing more about food from a teenager’s perspective – although my own two are more the picky eater type.

  3. I think kids are expecially picky eaters because there parents do not expose their kids to all the gormet foods at an early age. When kids are younger, they usually are willing to try anything if you put a special name on it or make it into a game. When kids get older, I think they learn to be independent and just avoid those unwanted foods from others opinions, not actually based on there thought. If parents can get kids to try more foods earlier, I think a lot of them will stick.

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