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Life is Bittersweet: Eat Haute Chocolate

eat good chocolate
eat good chocolate

There is chocolate and then there is chocolate. Is bittersweet always better? It is for antioxidants. Whoever heard the word antioxidants prior to 2000?

The other day I was hanging out with one of my decadent friends. We went out for an early dinner in an eclectic restaurant where you can also buy wine and some esoteric packaged goods to take home.

She wandered over to the candy bars and they were nothing like Milky Way.

Rather they were Vosges candy bars.  She splurged and bought four bars and we tasted a square of each. OMG!  Unfortunately, we started with the best chocolate bar but it would’ve been more fun to build up to the best or save the best to last.

The best was the Red Fire Exotic Candy Bar with Mexican ancho and chipotle chile peppers with Ceylon cinnamon and bittersweet chocolate. Simply unwrapping the paper produced a whiff of exotic chiles.

Our second favorite was the Naga Exotic Candy Bar with sweet Indian curry powder, coconut flakes, and deep milk chocolate. I cannot remember the other two flavors as they were not as distinctive.

Wait it was Black Pearl Exotic Candy Bar and it was disappointing as neither the wasabi or ginger was distinctive enough in aroma or taste.

I’m usually content with a Dove Chocolate Bar but this was the difference between drinking a $5 bottle wine and a $25 bottle of wine.

Should you feel like pampering your palate, I suggest Vosges.

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