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Chicken Marbella – Silver Palate Cookbook Upgrade

You have probably tasted chicken marbella but perhaps the person making you dinner called it by another name. You fell in love with the recipe and took it home to make as your own.

Perhaps you changed some ingredients as I did because I don’t like capers and the thought of 1 cup of prunes was a little scary to me so I substituted ½ cup of dried apricots and then used ½ cup of prunes which actually added more color to the dish. I also cut down on the brown sugar. One cup of brown sugar seems overly sweet so I have made the recipe with 2/3 cup of brown sugar. And by omitting the capers, I’ve added extra green olives.

I never follow the recipe exactly or probably even make it the same way twice but it always comes out wonderful and people think that I’ve slaved in the kitchen. Who me?

The cookbook says that overnight marinating is essential and the chicken improves after days in the refrigerator. Enjoy!

The L.A. Times has a nice tribute to the new Silver Palate Cookbook which originally in 1979 gave us chicken marbella. I have been shuffling around my cookbook collection as my book shelf runneth over but the Silver Palate will most likely always be around as who can part with such glorious and mostly approachable recipes?

  1. Prunes get such a bad rap — no wonder the prune industry changed their marketing of prunes to “dried plums”.

    I personally love prunes and eat them by the handful. When they are moist and plump, there is nothing like them. I often use them as a substitute for butter/shortening in recipes like brownies to save on calories. They turn out very moist.

    I know that prunes have an association with being “old” because of their use as a mild laxative, but don’t let a stereotype stop you from enjoying something wonderful.

  2. Cathy,
    I was looking at a recipe that had “dried plums” and I really didn’t know what that was immediately.

    We need to start a campaign to make prunes fashionable again. Can you post your brownie recipe that uses prunes instead of shortening?

    Isn’t it funny how some fruits have gone beyond the genre of fruits and mesh into the language cycle as adjectives and nouns.

    Such as I love lemons but not if it’s describing my car or some broken down appliance.

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