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Healthy Lifestyle: 8 Foods that You Should Be Eating

AOL published eight foods that can make you live longer as part of a healthy lifestyle.

I don’t believe (or agree) with everything I read but I find this list interesting so I’ll comment.  

The first on the list is blueberries. Blueberries has made every list on this subject for the past five years so I agree — eat more blueberries. You can buy them frozen and they taste great. AOL says studies with rats…that gives me the goose bumps. I rather not think about rodents and blueberries in the same sentence.

Guava is next. I didn’t even know what guava looked like. Guava is harder to come by and just finding a reliable source might be a problem. I recently went to a Caribbean grocery store and bought guava paste which I served with Spanish cheese for an appetizer. But guava paste has a lot of sugar in it so I suggest either canned, fresh, or frozen guava.

Third is kale. Again this is foreign to me. Maybe with all e-coli  problems they are substituting kale for spinach. I see kale in the store but it doesn’t exactly call my name and then I don’t know how to prepare it. It praises kale’s virtues and I may have to try harder to incorporate it into my diet.

Sardines rank next. It says that sardines are the least contaminated of any seafood and also high in the good omega oils. I may have to try to eat more sardines. I go through phases with sardines. Sardines will have to swim back into my life. I have read on numerous occasions that they should be eaten for good health.

An apple a day. Apples rank well. I love apples and have been eating an apple a day for many years. Lately, I’ve been eating organic apples because apples are one of the “dirty dozen” of fruits and vegetables that are polluted with pesticides. This says that Red Delicious have the most antioxidants but I’m a Fuji or Gala gal.

Coconut oil is circumspect. Although the article tells us why it’s good for us; I pause here because this is the first time I’ve heard that coconut oil is good. I thought it was down there with palm oil and other nasty trans fats.

Think green tea. Once again the darling of beverages ranks high for cancer and weight loss. I hate green tea and it tastes like dirt or earth, much like chamomile. I have read that oolong, chrysanthemum, and black teas are just as good. You decide.

Flaxseeds. That’s a word that has been more popular the past few years. I’ll give it a green light for its good oils, high fiber, and cancer preventative action. Flaxseed is getting more and more versatile too. My friend Richard’s cholesterol went down after he starting taking a flax oil capsule with each meal. It beats Lipitor and is cheaper too.

The article is not earth shattering but there were a few surprises which I need to investigate further.

  1. Yeah, and where’s the red wine and bittersweet chocolate? I prefer that over kale and flaxseeds any day.
    Betty C.

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