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Food: What are you reading?

While I don’t read these authors on a regular basis, I think they are essential to anyone who loves to write, read or eat food.

MFK Fisher is the doyenne of modern food writing. She lead an incredible life and had a way of making readers feel that you are at her table, sharing the same meals and experiences.

Calvin Trillan makes food fun!

And perhaps the writer I aspire to most, Laurie Colwin.
Colwin wrote great fiction, but her food essays that appeared in “Gourmet” for a period of years are true gems. She died in the late 1990s at age 48 and I was heart-broken. Thank goodness there is a collection of her food work in two volumes: “Home Cooking” and “More Home Cooking”.

One of my favorites was one about a being a harried cook and it contained a recipe for Katherine Hepburn’s brownies. Easily the easiest, best tasting brownies I’ve ever made or eaten.

Oddly, in the Gourmet collection of 6o years of writing, this is the one Colwin article.

Rita Connelly
Rita Connelly

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