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Energy Drink in a Grenade Shaped Bottle


Originally uploaded by Klis.

There are gimmicks that work and those that don’t.

I don’t have a sense of humor about war. I’m from the era of let’s give peace a chance, flower power, tie-dye, like a Rolling Stone…

Here’s an energy drink made in Austria that is making its way across the U.S. in targeted (pun intended) cities.

This product offends me so I’m not even going to share its attributes according to the press release. I guess you could say this is anti-publicity but we all know that bad publicity is still good.

Make love not bombas.

  1. I’m with you about not having a sense of humor about war. Those who do are trying to capitalize and make a buck at the expense of others giving their lives for our safety back home.

    What also falls into this category are those candy cigarettes that we all grew up with in the 60’s.

    My mother smoked and I remember trying to imitate her with those candy cigarettes. Thank goodness I never started for real, although I did try once in college. The inhaling part was the worst.

    I got a real taste of the side effects of secondhand smoke when I worked in a bar during college. I’d come home with a hacking cough just as if I had been smoking several packs myself. Disgusting.

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